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Use of cannabis and marijuana for PTSD

Nov 17

What's post-traumatic Stress Disorder?

The National Institute of Mental Health says that post-traumatic stress disorder is caused by "exposure (or memory) to a potentially stressful event beyond a normal stressor." You might also experience sleep problems, numbness, or numbness.

Symptoms of PTSD may be felt as soon as three months following a stressful event. Four factors are used to diagnose PTSD:

At least one re-experiencing sign should be present.

  • Flashbacks are an indication of post-traumatic stress disorder. They are caused by reliving the same experience over and over again. This can trigger a racing pulse or excessive sweating.

  • Unfavorable dreams

  • Unsuspicious thoughts

  • Marijuana is derived from the Cannabis Sativa (or Cannabis Sativa) plant. People use cannabis and marijuana to treat PTSD symptoms.

Recent research from  has shown that cannabis can reduce amygdala activity. This is the part responsible for fear responses to threats. Forbes magazine reported that cannabis could help erase painful memories of PTSD. The study involved first analyzing the process for getting a Missouri medical card.

Are there any links between marijuana and PTSD?

Patients suffering from PTSD claim that cannabis has reduced their symptoms by more than half in the short term.

Many people find that cannabis helps them to fall asleep and stay asleep. This can alleviate some of their sleep problems.

Although marijuana may temporarily relieve symptoms of PTSD, there is a deeper problem. These symptoms can return after the intoxication effects wear off, and can become more severe.

Self-Medication can be used as a temporary measure.

Many people smoke marijuana to relieve their anxiety and depression. More people have access to cannabis-containing products and medical marijuana.

Regular marijuana users report feeling anxious, moody, and restless after quitting.

Self-medicating with marijuana or cannabis can lead to addiction. PTSD patients may use marijuana to cope with everyday tasks.