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How to Avoid Common Roof Scams

Nov 23

Roofers might use persuading tactics to convince you to buy a roof you don't need. Take your time when searching for the right contractors.

Be aware of the people you should avoid. Don't let con artists take your money.

It is good to know that conmen use the same methods. I'll show you some ways to deal with roofers who come to your home.

  • Storm Chasers was the first con.

Storm chasers may drive through your neighborhood after a major storm and knock on your doors. Even though your roof may have been damaged, if they seem to be in a hurry with you, it will likely be in good shape.

Keep in mind that the best roofers in Toronto are busy and cannot visit every house. Check to see if there are any Key Danger Signs.

  • A low starting bid... Low Starting Bid...

You have to work hard to earn your money. Sometimes contractors will offer a lower price in order to raise the final cost. This can result in a lower-quality job. It will also increase your costs.

Asphalt shingles are an affordable choice. We understand your financial situation and provide high-quality work at affordable prices.

  • Scam: Roofer inflicted damage is Scam

This scenario is possible: A roofer calls you and claims he noticed some damage as he drove past your house. He would like to inspect your roof to ensure that everything is in order.

It is a horrible idea. Do not allow strangers into your home. Get a second opinion.

  • Insurance fraud

Do not accept offers from contractors to pay your insurance premium or give you an incentive. A surplus is a money that an insurance company keeps.

Do not hire contractors who promise to pay all of your insurance deductibles.

  • The contractor requires payment in advance

You should not ask for a large downpayment of more than 15% or an upfront payment. Roofers that require full payment upfront are less likely to complete the job.

  • Contractors Without a License

A lot of reviews can indicate trustworthiness. These reviews will help you narrow your search and find a trustworthy roofer.

It is essential to take time to speak with a variety of professionals to make informed decisions.

Customers are's top priority. We are available to answer your questions and provide truthful answers.