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Nov 23

The roof is one of the most vulnerable areas in your home. While a properly installed roof by will protect your home from the weather, it can also become the most vulnerable to the elements. You can avoid costly repairs by understanding the effects of weather on your roof and taking regular roofing care in Indianapolis.


We experience all the weather variations that come with seasons. Our roofs can withstand strong rains, wind, snow, and other extreme weather conditions to keep us dry and warm. The Roofing Company of Indianapolis advises that you be aware of the possible effects of changing weather conditions.


Rain is a common weather phenomenon that homeowners often overlook the damage it can cause. Little, undetected leaks on your roof can cause significant damage if it receives heavy and continuous rain. Strong rain tends to infiltrate any weak spots and can cause moisture damage. However, persistent rain can lead to roof pooling, which can result in water damage. To ensure water flows off your roof, inspect it on a regular basis. Expert roofers can detect a problem early and make repairs.


You must accept that your roof is subject to the sun's ultraviolet rays every day as a homeowner. Even the best-respected roofing systems are eventually damaged by the sun's ultraviolet rays. Exposure to UV rays and the sun can cause shingles to crack and become brittle. Roofs can also expand and contract due to extreme heat or cold. To minimize further damage, it is important to have adequate ventilation, even if your home is well insulated.


A hurricane does not necessarily cause roof damage. Strong winds can cause roof shingles to become loose and blistered. Exposing a space to the elements can cause more problems. A quick roof inspection after a severe windstorm can help to avoid more serious problems. Replacing a damaged or missing shingle before any damage is done can be an inexpensive and easy option.


After a snowstorm, it is important to inspect your roof and clean out any snow or ice buildups. Your roof and gutters could be damaged by the weight of snow. Ice dams can also cause a vicious cycle of damage that may not be obvious. Ice dams are ice ridges that form near the roof's edge. The ice melts and seeps under the roofing shingles, where it refreezes.


Hailstorms can cause more damage than rain in the Indianapolis region. Hard hail can cause asphalt shingles to shatter and wear away their granules. Hail begins to fall when the shingles become worn down or broken. It is possible to have multiple leaks if you don't locate them quickly.

Regular maintenance of your roof by professional roofing contractors will reduce the risk of damage from the changing weather conditions.