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Keep Your Grass Green This Season

Dec 26

The heat can make your lawn look sad and browner as the summer gets underway. With longer dry spells and the rising temperature, your lawn can get a little drier as it struggles to cope. But it doesn't have the right to be this way.

This is a checklist of lawn care tips to keep your grass as lush as the Hometurf technician's helmet. If you follow the steps below this list, you'll be able to ensure that your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood, and not just because of its Hometurf lawn signs!

Staying Hydrated

It's essential to ensure your grass is well-hydrated as the summer heats up. There is a technique to watering your grass during the summer. It involves watering at the right time, the right depth, and the correct type of water. First up, it is crucial to consider the time of day you water your lawn. To prevent heat loss We recommend that you water your lawn as quickly as you can in the early morning. You should always finish the watering before 10 am. refrain from watering after dark as the moisture can promote fungus growth.

Your Lawn is in Deep Water

Although it is tempting to water more frequently in the summer months, it's actually better to water less frequently and to do so more deeply. By turning on the sprinklers for longer than normal but less frequently this allows grass roots to establish deep into the soil. This allows them to stand up to the hottest days.

Growing in Rain

Rainwater is a beneficial option for your grass as well as the natural environment. It is not just a way to save water by using rainwater from summer storms, but it's much healthier than tap water. Find out more about the benefits of rainwater by reading our most recent blog post.

Mow High

Lawnmowers who work in Lexington, KY recommend that you keep your grass lush in summer by increasing the height of your mowing and cutting less frequently. While it is tempting to cut it shorter and less frequently the fact is that keeping your grass longer will encourage the roots go deeper into the soil , which helps to improve water retention. This is due to the fact that the lawn is able to capture more water deep underground that makes it more resilient to dry spells. Shade from the summer sun will be provided by the longer grass blades.

Mow Sharp

Blades that are dull are your enemies and it is vital to maintain the sharpness of your mower to ensure that you get the most precise cut every time you cut. If your mower's blades aren't well-maintained, they can shred grass which can promote disease and deteriorate the condition of the plant. The lawn mower will become the most-used device in your toolbox during the summer.

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