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Are Eyelashes Broken? Yes. We get to the root of the problem.

Jan 4

We learned as children that you can kiss your eyelashes and make wishes if they fall. My childhood memories revolve around my father's lasagna and getting good grades.

Spencer Barnes says that the main reason lashes fall isn't necessarily the curler but the improper use of it. He is a makeup artist who worked with stars like Amber Heard, Julianne Haugh, and Heather Graham. To maintain healthy lashes, you need the right tools.

These rules are for curling with minimum damage.

1. Check the pads. If your tool doesn't have any, it can damage your lashes or crimp them. If the pads become wrinkled or worn out, replace them immediately. You can find lash curlers that have colored or white pads. Although a black pad can look neat and hide buildup, it can be difficult to see where your lashes are in the curler.

2 - Make sure it is clean. Get rid of any mascara and lash glue residue. A clean tool will give you a better curl.

Condition your lashes regularly. Condition your lashes before curling.

4 - Curl first. Before curling your lashes, apply mascara or falsies. After applying mascara, clean your curler. Barnes explained that this will prevent mascara from sticking or clumping. This can lead to weaker lashes.

5 - Place the tool correctly. This pad is designed to protect your eyelashes from falling out.

6: Remove all mascara and eye makeup from your eyes at night. Use a cotton pad, swab or dip in remover to condition your lashes.

Barnes states that it's normal for lashes to grow back if they are damaged or missing. Revitalash and Latisse are excellent products that can aid in the growth process and extend your natural eyelashes. Some people notice a decrease in thickness with time. Others may experience unusually long eyelashes. When used as directed, these products are effective. It is best to consult your dermatologist or doctor before you use these products. The long-term effects of these products are still unknown.

Barnes recommends lash extensions, but Barnes cautions you to be careful about who does them. Choose an experienced practitioner, and be sure to follow their aftercare instructions. Do not pull your hair out if they are too worn. Barnes suggests that you don't pull your hair out, but just bring it back to the original 1. Barnes recommends another visit to your doctor for hair removal.

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