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The Role of NAD+ in Muscle Recovery

Feb 24

It’s never fun to wake up the morning after a hard workout only to be met with sore muscles. If this is you, we have some great news. How would you feel if we told you didn’t have to deal with the consequence of sore muscles after your workout? Nowadays there are a plethora of natural post-workout supplements, such as NAD+. This natural supplement serves as a great option because of the key role it plays in your body aiding cell regeneration, muscle function, and more. Let’s take a look at what NAD+ is, and explore everything this naturally occurring enzyme has to offer.

Impact on Muscle Function

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is a cell regenerator commonly referred to as NAD+. This enzyme occurs naturally in the human body, and influences several major functions throughout. The important role of NAD+ is to help promote a healthy metabolism, as well as DNA repair. At it’s core, NAD+ helps cells turn a variety of nutrients into precious energy, by working with the powerhouse within the cell – the mitochondria.

Our muscles use a lot of available energy on day-to-day activities alone - a demand that only increases during a workout. Did you know it is very common for healthy muscle cells to have high levels of NAD+?  This helps muscles to function correctly, aiding in the proper recovery from damage. As we age, though, we experience lower NAD+ levels, which has negative effects on the health of our muscles. Ultimately, this can lead to the deterioration of muscles over time.

Influencing Muscle Recovery

Now that we have a clearer understanding of the impact NAD+ has on our cellular function, and the creation of energy, we have a better idea of how beneficial this enzyme is. But how does it influence muscle recovery overall? To find out, let’s take a more in-depth look at the expanded role of NAD+, with another workout example.

As we workout, regardless of the difficulty, our muscles experience damage on a microscopic level. This damage needs repair through the use of muscle cells. These cells utilize nutrients to get to work repairing our muscles, which is why it is highly recommended that you eat a nutrient-dense snack or meal post-workout. This ensures that the appropriate nutrients are available for use directly by these muscle cells.

This is where NAD+ comes into play with an essential one-two punch aiding in muscle repair. First, in order to boost workout recovery, NAD+ sends signals to your body indicating the need for nutrients. It also turns these essential nutrients into usable energy to deploy throughout. Aside from muscle recovery after exercising, NAD+ also helps with age-related muscle deterioration. As proteins build up in our cells, it prevents the mitochondria from doing their job and producing energy. NAD+ works to reverse the resulting deterioration, working alongside the mitochondria to right the ship.

Where can I Buy NAD+?

NAD+ is widely available in many forms for optimal effectiveness. Whether you prefer an over-the-counter option, or are seeking more serious IV infusions or NAD+ injections, you can bet a form of NAD+ has been produced to suit your needs. While NAD+ options range in pricing, with IVs being on the more expensive end, and injections also requiring a visit to the doctor’s office, it all comes down to your individual requirements.

Before You Go

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