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Tips to Create Great Family Portraits

Oct 31

Family photos are fun and profitable.

These tips for portrait photographers from will help you have a successful and enjoyable photoshoot.

1. Use an umbrella whenever you can

I get what you mean:

A tripod can limit your creativity.

It could be true. In certain circumstances, handheld photography might be more suitable (e.g. Photographing children running or doing more documentary style photography ). Many people fear being photographed.

You have to make sure that your subjects feel comfortable. There are two.

When using a tripod, you are required to slow down. Next, preview the exposure. This will help children to connect with you.

2. Photograph in manual mode

You can plan ahead and have complete control over family portrait photography. After everything is set up you don't need any changes to the exposure.

Your choice of metering method will affect how unevenly the camera exposes you. Your camera may be set to Aperture or Shutter Priority mode.

Consistent exposures can cause some undesirable effects, such as a slight hue shift or increased sound quality (if they are not too dark).

3. Keep the focus on the goal

You shouldn't change the focus from one frame of the film to the next.

Choose from one of three focus modes: manual focus or back button focus. The focus will remain the same in all shots.

This is an easy and fast way to manually focus with pinpoint accuracy.

Switch on Live View to view the image on your screen. Click the Zoom button to return to normal view.

4. Stagger your heads

Avoid boring lines, rows, or columns of heads. Instead, use diagonal lines to connect with the people in your portrait group. They add more interest and dynamic to your photograph.

Draw a line from one end to the other. Use diagonal lines instead of flagpoles.

Bring small folding stools or props to help people stand. Use natural objects to distribute people's heights.

5. If it bends, bend it.

This rule is great to apply when photographing people. They are more comfortable standing straight. You can encourage your subjects to bend their bodies to make them look natural.

These positions are the most basic and will help you get started.

  • The subject should be able to lift one foot off of the ground and then move one hip forward in front of the camera.

  • The individual should put his or her hand in a pocket. They might accidentally push their hand into the pocket's bottom. This would be very strange.

  • The subject should be capable of reaching their finger through the belt loop.

  • Ask your patient for a straight posture and to place their weight on one hip.

  • If you are against something, cross your feet and toe down.

  • Men should lie on their backs, with one foot on the ground and one on their knees. However, you should not look directly at the crotch.

  • I think you get the idea. Next, ask them to copy your actions.

6. Let children be children

Parents tell their children to smile, be happy and have fun before they take them on photoshoots. I prefer to encourage parents to do the same by telling them this:

We'll be taking photos in the park.

7. Pose flatter people

Mom will not appreciate the photos if it appears that she is overweight. Learn how to pose.